Moving Forward With Joy

This past Sunday was a special Sunday. We got to watch and listen to Pastor Ross, deliver his last sermon. We celebrated 22 years of faithful ministry that both he and Kathy provided in making sure that everyone in our church and the surrounding community knew that they were loved by Jesus and that God had a plan for their lives. After church we had the chance to say our goodbyes and to let the Purdy family know how special they are to our faith community and that they will always have a special place in our lives here in Burbank. Thank you to all those who were in attendance.

The message Ross delivered was about what it means to “finish well.” It was from Philippians 4:1-9 and one of the key points Ross made was that in everything we do, we should come together in Christ. Ross encouraged us to consider what it means to have joy as believers. He reminded us that it is the joy of Christ that will keep us unified. It is a very timely message as we move forward as a church. Most of all his last sermon was a reminder to remember that everything we do as a church in moving forward needs to be centered in Jesus.

I know some of you are wondering what is next for us as a church? Let me assure you that we have wonderful leaders (Our Elders), who love the Lord, and who are praying for guidance.  Our Clerk of Session, Dave Lessley has been in dialogue with our Presbytery and at our next Session meeting this month, there will be a liaison assigned to us as a church to help us begin developing a transition plan in seeking an interim pastor to help us move forward.

Please be praying for our church leaders, our staff, friends and members. Pray for lots of wisdom and patience. Most of all pray that we will experience a tremendous amount of peace as we continue carrying out the mission of God in our community and around the world in this transition period.

If you need pastoral care, please contact myself or Niki Rodas at [email protected]. We would love to know how we can pray for you. If you need prayer, don't hesitate to send your prayer requests to [email protected]. '

Don't forget to join us this coming Sunday morning at 10:30am, as we begin a new sermon series titled, "Authentic Community." The passage we will look at is from 1 John 1:1-4.  As for the 9:00am hour? Until further notice, we will only have one worship service at 10:30am.

I know that God is with us and that as we move forward, we will see the Lord work in new and exciting ways.

See you soon church,

Pastor K.C.