Church Update March 31st, 2020

Church Update Covid-19 
Pastor's Bible Study Wednesday April 1st 7:00pm 
Don't forget to join Pastor Ross this Wednesday night at 7:00pm on Facebook live for the Pastor's Study. It's been a great tool for many of us to connect during the week and to listen to Ross teach God's Word for us during these times. The Pastor's Bible Study will also be during Holy Week on April 8th at 7:00pm. If you need help being able to access either the church Facebook page or the YouTube site, don't hesitate to call the church office or email the office directly at [email protected] 

Holy Week Schedule 
Palm Sunday Online Worship Service April 5th 10:00AM  As most of you know by now we're utilizing live-streaming as our way to continue gathering for worship on Sunday mornings.  Join us at 10:00am on Facebook Live and YouTube Live at 10:00am this coming Sunday, April 5th for Palm Sunday worship. We'll open the live-stream around 9:45am. Give yourselves some time to make sure you're able to access either of the live-streams. If you have a way of finding a small Palm Branch to "virtually" wave in the air during the service, take a picture and post it during the live stream.

Maundy Thursday Online Worship and Communion Service April 9th 7:00pm Join us this year for our Maundy Thursday Worship Service. We will have scripture readings, a reflection, and prayer. We know communion will be a little different this year. We're asking everyone to have bread and juice ready for the moment we will share in the Lord's Supper together during the service. Feel free to take a picture and share it with everyone during communion. We hope you can join us.

Good Friday Online Worship Service April 10th 7:00pm Join us for a Good Friday service with scripture readings, songs, a reflection, and prayer. We know we're doing holy week a little differently this year because of what's happening in the world with Covid-19. We're asking everyone to be in prayer for this very important week in the life of the church. What an opportunity for all of us to ponder and reflect on the life and journey Jesus made to the cross as we prepare for Easter morning.  

Easter Sunday Online Worship Service April 12th 10:00am This year's Easter Worship service will also be done a little differently as we gather together online to celebrate the Risen Lord and how Jesus conquered death on the cross. Join us online as Pastor Ross brings us the Easter message that Christ conquered death!  Thank you for your patience in these times. We all believe in the hope that Christ has given us to trust and believe in God's faithfulness. We're praying for the larger church this year all over the world as many will gather online together to celebrate Easter hope found in Jesus.

Faithful Giving – Thank you to all of you who have mailed in your tithes and offerings or have given online. As a church, we are seeking to continue to be faithful to the mission God has given us, as we minister to the community around us during the “stay at home” guidelines we all are experiencing right now. For us to be able to continue our mission of serving others, we rely on your faithful giving each and every week. As a reminder, you can mail a check to the church office (521 E. Olive Ave., Burbank 91501) or you can also give through our website at, or through our church app, which you can find in any of the app stores.
Also, as a reminder during this Lenten season, our church participates in a special offering through our denomination called One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS). If you wish to support the OGHS offering, you may do so by writing “OGHS” in the memo of your check or you may select the “One Great Hour of Sharing” fund when donating through the website or through the app.

Once we receive guidance from our local and state leaders that it is safe to gather for worship, we will alert the entire church as soon as we are able. All of you are missed and although, we might not be having ministry throughout the week on our campus and on Sunday mornings, we still believe that God is with all of us and that God's people are what make up the church.

If you are in need of pastoral care, don't hesitate to contact either Pastor Ross or K.C., if you know anyone in need of food items, contact Pastor Manny Flores at North Valley Caring Services ( at (818) 891-0481 or (818) 331-1761.  During these times we want to continue staying connected as a church family, as we continue to practice social distancing with each other.  The best way to do that, we believe, is to remain connected through social media, phone calls, emails, and other methods so that we are not socially isolated from one another.

Don't forget. We're all about to experience God's faithfulness as promised very soon.  

Easter is coming friends.