Church Update March 18th, 2020

Church Update Covid-19 
Last night our Elders discussed the plan to navigate through the Covid-19 situation. The following statement was made to offer guidance to our church community at this time:

We would like to reaffirm our efforts to encourage everyone to stay home during this time. All programs and events of the church have been postponed until further notice.  We are appreciative of the guidelines that we have received from the city, state, and national authorities.  We will be following them and requesting that everyone take extra measures to remain home and to keep social distancing in order to lessen the spread of Covid-19 and keep our community safe during this time.  

In addition to postponing our programs and events, we are encouraging people to stay away from the church campus.  This includes Sunday mornings for worship times.  We will be having one service online, so please join us on Facebook and Youtube at 10 a.m. each Sunday morning. The service will be live.  

The Wednesday evening Pastor’s Bible study, though postponed on the campus, will be available on Facebook Live.  Join us at 7 p.m. every Wednesday to hear Pastor Ross’ message. For children and youth ministries, visit our church Facebook page for updates from Kathy and Katy.

If you need someone to shop for you, we have received notes from volunteers who want to help and we would like to connect you to them.  For pastoral care, please contact Pastor Ross Purdy (818) 437-0233, Pastor K.C. Wahe (661) 839-9741.  If you know anyone in need of food items, contact Pastor Manny Flores at the North Valley Caring Services ( at (818) 891-0481 or (818) 331-1761.  During this time we want to stay connected as we continue to socially distance ourselves from each other.  The best way to do that, we believe, is to remain connected through social media, calls, emails, and other methods so that we are not socially isolated from one another.

We look forward to a good outcome of the efforts to socially distance ourselves from everyone to keep our community safe and to level the outcome of the virus.  We trust that the Lord, the Great Physician Jesus, will lead us into great health soon.  In the meantime, join us for services and studies online.  Also, remember to keep the church in your giving. You can send a check to the church for your offering or you can also donate through our website or through our church app, which you can find in any of the app stores.  

Praying for you all, 

Pastor Ross Purdy